IMPRES Is Seeking Qualified Individuals For Employment

IMPRES is seeking individuals who embrace our organization’s mission, values, and goals; is flexible and open to learning new skills and performing duties that may be outside their job descriptions, but are necessary to accomplish the task as hand.

Employees who are willing to depart from the routine in order to implement new ideas, have an excellent work ethic and must be team oriented. Individuals dedicated to his/her own growth with a commitment to help the company grow.

Be someone who constantly seeks to expand his or her knowledge, learn more about the company and industry and develop new skill sets. Willingness to accept difficult tasks and see them through to victory, regardless of challenging circumstances is paramount.

Our Ideal Candidate:

  • Is passionate about their work.
  • Has strong communication skills – employees that can work together.
  • Goal-oriented – committed to getting the job done and achieving the goal.
  • Organized and detail oriented – organize tasks and focus on the details.
  • Adaptable – adapt to new situations and grow with the business.
  • Creative – creative team members that help to find new solutions.
Open Positions at IMPRES