Contract Number: GS-35F-0002V

Awarding Agency: General Services Administration

Period of Performance: 10/01/2008 – 09/30/2028

Contract Holder StarMark

Type of Work/Products/Services: GSA MAS delivers federal, state, and local customer agencies the tools and expertise needed to shorten procurement cycles, ensure compliance, and obtain the best value for innovative technology products, services, and solutions. With more than 7.5 million products and services from over 4,600 pre-vetted vendors, federal agencies as well as civilian, state, and local organizations continue to maximize budgets and reduce buying cycles by up to 50 percent over open market. Through IMPRES’ GSA Schedule, we provide customers access to a catalog of more than 300,000 computer hardware and software items. Recently, IMPRES added a full array of Dell EMC, and HPE computer products to our GSA MAS contract. IMPRES is one of 18 worldwide companies to hold a Letter of Supply with Dell EMC, and one of 34 worldwide companies to hold a HPE Letter of Supply. Through the inclusion of Dell EMC and HPE products, we offer our customers the leverage to procure high quality products at a more competitive price point. Our GSA MAS Contract enables customers to reduce administrative procurement costs and time in the obtainment of commercial goods and services. It provides ease of use, built-in value, variety, teaming, and safety while being the least complicated market entry point. IMPRES GSA MAS contract vehicle is the most widely accessed vehicle we possess, and is an approved Government-wide Strategic Solutions (GSS) vendor, offering standard configurations for desktops and laptop computers under this contract vehicle.

Point of Contact: Beau Bosley: Program Manager; E: P: 703-989-5316