Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by you and IMPRES Technology Solutions, Inc., IMPRES’s Commercial Terms of Sale govern the sale of products, software and services to commercial customers, including Small Office Customers (1-9 employees), Small and Medium Businesses, Public Sector and Large Enterprise customers.

Additional terms and conditions may apply to your purchase, such as limited hardware warranties, service contracts and software license agreements. Please review your invoice, order acknowledgement or separately signed agreement with IMPRES carefully to confirm which products, software and services you purchased from or through IMPRES, and then select among the options below to review the terms and conditions applicable to your purchase.  If you do not have your invoice, then a copy of your invoice can be requested from Operations here – Please include your Order Number and Customer Number.  For additional assistance locating your terms and conditions or to request a hard copy of your agreement(s) with IMPRES, contact IMPRES Operations or your sales representative.

Help with Terms and Conditions (please include your Order Number and Customer Number)

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