What is Identity-Networking?

CSOI addresses the shortcomings of traditional networking with thorough cryptographic identity-defined verification and ongoing trust assessment. The flexibility of CSOI’s approach allows for its adaptation to both current and outdated or long-lived systems, such as SCADA, ICS, and related. CSOI overlays into any network infrastructure without the necessity for extensive overhauls, or hardware replacement.

In addition, CSOI safeguards critical infrastructure with segmentation and cloaking strategies, rendering it undetectable to threats and amplifying the cyber defense posture of any organization or enterprise.

CSOI includes real-time deep packet inspection for immediate incident response, compatibility with industrial protocols, adaptive network resilience, secure remote access, enhanced network segmentation, comprehensive asset management, and more.

These attributes make CSOI exceptionally capable of supporting not just Information Technology (IT) environments but also for Operational Technology (OT) environments, addressing the specialized challenges they each represent.

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