CSOI – IMPRES’ Revolutionary Approach to Cybersecurity

At IMPRES, we understand the value of your data and the need to establish a secure network foundation, protecting your data from unwanted cyber advances. Developed with agencies of all sizes in mind, we present the IMPRES Cyberspace Operations Infrastructure (CSOI). CSOI offers enterprise-wide cyber protection and security monitoring features, without compromising network integrity or mission-critical operations. CSOI is founded on a Software Defined Network (SDN) Identity-Defined Networking (IDN), and Zero-Trust architecture that seamlessly integrates networking and security into a single, unified platform that is topology, protocol, and hyper-visor agnostic.


CSOI works by combining the capabilities of purpose-built software bundles and COTS products into a fully integrated solution that communicates, protects, defends, and mitigates cyber threats. It provides micro, macro, and cross-boundary segmentation, including end-to-end encryption, and automatically authenticates, authorizes, and connects secure tunnels for data transfer using unique device-based cryptographic identities.

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