IT Infrastructure Modernization

Modern IT organizations are faced with huge new challenges. IT is being asked to be an innovation center for the business, charged with uncovering new ways to add value. But how can IT embrace this new role while operating on traditional infrastructure? IT is now asking itself, what more can we do with technology? How can we modernize what we have while adding new capabilities to transform our business? IMPRES helps customers bridge the gap between traditionally built and operated infrastructures to agile, modern hybrid cloud environments that leverage automation, software-defined approaches, and next-generation managed services.

IMPRES brings together the perfect combination of talent, partners, and technology solutions to offer you the best products to meet your IT needs.  Through ongoing training, IMPRES is up to date on the latest solutions and services and is able to combine leading hardware and software to achieve your goals. We are able to offer a wide range of solutions across the board in security, storage, infrastructure, data protection, networking and more. Our all-encompassing approach is based on years of experience providing customized solutions for every client.


Application Transformation

Shift from application maintenance to innovation.


Servers & Virtualization

- Rack and Blade Services
- OS & Hypervisors
- Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
- Manufacturer-Provided Rack-and-Stack Deployment Options


Infrastructure Shared Storage

- Unified File & Block or Block-Only SAN
- Unstructured Data Solutions

cloud s 1

Cloud-Ready SDN

- Hybrid Cloud Solutions
- AI-Driven Operations


Workforce Transformation

Empower the federal workforce and maximize productivity.


Backup & Recovery

- Application Refresh
- All-in-One Appliances
- Deduplication Appliances



- LTE & 5G Design and Integration with Legacy and Future Transport Types
- Switching and SDN
- Wireless Infrastructure
- Routers & Network Management



- CSOI (Cloaking and Integration via SDN)
- Network Security Automation
- Next-Generation Firewalls

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