Our CSOI offers enterprise-wide IT support including robust protection and enhanced security monitoring features without compromising network integrity or jeopardizing continuity of mission-critical operations. Our CSOI solution provides essential support to overcome limitations and improve Defensive Cyberspace Operations by scaling in accordance with agency needs. The CSOI itself is centrally-managed through an intuitive orchestration engine that allows administrators to establish ‘one-click’ whitelist policies for simplified deployment and management. It retains an agnostic secure overlay and requires limited changes to the underlying infrastructure. Our CSOI provides micro, macro, and cross-boundary segmentation, including end-to-end encryption, and automatically authenticates, authorizes, and connects (on-demand) secure tunnels using unique device-based cryptographic identities.

The dream within the government has long been to possess the tools and technologies to effectively neutralize threats in ‘real-time’.

Leveraging Software Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities, coupled with robust identification, protection, and defense technologies, our solution enables agencies to react, adapt, and attack threats in real-time, while ensuring network integrity. Our solution allows for applications in the affected environment to analyze and evaluate resource utilization to automatically reconfigure and re-deploy to ensure application integrity and security. By deploying an IDN fabric, IMPRES offers invisibility and cloaking security features.

ICSOI Graphic

By combining SDN features with IDN capabilities, the IMPRES CSOI effectively eliminates gaps in security coverage.

As part of our CSOI, we include an Integrated Cyber Defense solution that is simpler to manage, implement, and maintain, providing best-in-class abilities from industry-recognized Original Equipment Manufacturers under a unified umbrella. No other solution combines the magnitude of capabilities, proactive cyber defense mechanisms, and robust functionality of the IMPRES CSOI.