IMPRES Technology Solutions Inc., a leading 8(a)/SDB Value Added Reseller of IT products and services to business and government, has been selected by Dell to provide Dell/Integrity Secured Client Solution (DISCC).

DISCC is a leading IT solution that addresses the complex and often expensive challenges that face customers who have the requirement of accessing multiple secured domains/levels. Customers often resort to separate client devices for accessing each of the secured domains or levels. This becomes very costly and environmentally wasteful due to redundant power and space requirements. With DISCC, our customers only need to have one physical client to access all secured domains and levels.

“This is a prestigious selection since Dell has only 6 Value Added Resellers (VAR) authorized to deliver this solution in this country.” said Richard Fu, President of IMPRES. “It affirms IMPRES’ success in working with customers who have this unique requirement and validates IMPRES’ capability to deliver such complex solutions”.

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