The Age of Big Data is Here

In today’s modern datacenters we are witnessing the explosive growth of structured and unstructured data not only from the traditional sources such as OLT, traditional databases, business applications such as ERP, SCM and CRM, but now NoSQL, Data warehousing and internet of things.  Also the new emerging technologies like AI/Machine Learning and new sensor data.

The age of Big Data is consuming all data sources including IoT devices and sensors for business and mission analytics which, in turn drives solutions for mission/resources planning, securing boarders, and winning decisively in the battle field.

Big Data
high availability secure data

High Availability Data, Secured

All of this data needs to have fast access, protected and stored effectively for high availability. Data also needs to be secured and protected no matter if it is at rest or in flight.

Archiving to preserve data for compliance/regulatory requirements and business continuity/disaster recovery is also a constant requirement when one considers storage architecture and solutions deployment.

Expert Data Storage Solutions

Needless to say, the decision on how to best expand or choose data storage is not easy.  IMPRES certified storage solution architects bring with them not only a deep knowledge of storage technologies and their special applications, but are also certified by top tier storage OEMs.

They can guide you in:

  1. Needs Assessment and Consultation
  2. Storage System Design and Implementation
  3. Storage System Maintenance and Support
  4. Data Protection and Data Security
cloud data

IMPRES Overview of Dell’s VxRail

HCI = Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

  • Software Defined
  • Pre-Configured Compute, Storage and Virtualization
  • Single Turnkey Appliance

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