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How do you deploy a fully functioning voice/data network communication infrastructure in an operational terrain where access to internet, GPS, and Global clock is not guaranteed? Moreover, how do you make that field deployed IT network interoperable with legacy radio system and satellite communication?

The answer is the IMPRES Guardian Communications powered by TacticalCORE which integrates field deployable cellular networks with full support for RF, VHF, UHF, Satcom, and Ethernet base infrastructure.

This software suite is an end-to-end encrypted private network allowing for seamless integration of state-of-the-art 4G (LTE)/5G Ready Networks and Over-The-Horizon transport and data sharing capabilities. Simultaneously it enables the integration of legacy and MANET radio transmissions on the same network. This solution will provide the user with one mesh point to control their array of communications and sensor data from unmanned vehicles, drones, and cameras. This software can be installed, on any form factor, from rapidly deployable tactical backpacks to large-scale regional private infrastructure. It realizes an abstraction layer and provides cross-sectional, essential functionalities, in information security, network awareness, sensor integration, and adaptive information distribution.

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