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Building A Better Approach to Federal Cyber Security

No two federal agencies have the exact same cybersecurity layout, yet all of them are bristling with layered defenses to try and keep attackers at bay. Between firewalls, security operations centers, endpoint protection, traffic scanning, analysts on duty 24-hours a day, event logging, honeypot deployment, anti-virus, behavioral analysis, geofencing and hundreds of other tools and tactics, it would seem on paper that most federal agencies should be completely secure.

However, all those complex defenses have proven ineffective time and time again. What if there was a better way? Now, any organization can instantly connect, cloak, encrypt, micro-segment, move, revoke or failover any networked resource, anytime, anywhere – simply, cost effectively and safe from hackers and human error. Learn more in this informative eBook.

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Digital Camouflage Article:

Digital Cloak of Invisibility Fends Off Intruders

Hackers cannot access devices if they cannot see them! One way of ensuring that attackers don’t access a network node or break into a device is to render its identification invisible. Cloaking the device’s address gives a hacker nothing to see, and it can be done on systems ranging from government networks to medical electronics implanted inside human beings.

How Data Storage Can Help Serve and Protect Critical Federal Workloads

Federal agencies face many of the same IT growth challenges as their commercial counterparts. Demanding data growth. An increasingly multi-cloud world. Emerging Big Data/AI applications. And the need to effectively manage and protect all their digital assets—wherever they reside. But, government agencies also face other demanding and confidential digital use cases. These warrant not just access to the best fit of enterprise or midrange storage solutions for the job, but also the right care and handling of government customer needs by partners already trusted in Federal IT environments.

This solution brief offers a few, innovative ways Federal IT groups can streamline their own efforts to guard, grow, secure and protect their data sets with the help of Dell EMC storage and IMPRES Technology Solutions, a leading Federal IT solutions provider.


CSOI Overview:

In the last calendar year, there was a worldwide record for net spend by both the private and Federal sector toward cyber security solutions: $101 billion. Federal agencies especially can ill afford an inch of unprotected terrain. They require robust, sophisticated protection from all attack vectors. Yet, few existing solutions provide the comprehensive coverage agencies demand, and even less afford the flexibility to fight an active threat while adjusting an enterprise’s overall cyber posture. Increasingly, agencies are struggling to select, integrate, and manage a unified cyber defense infrastructure.

This brief addresses a revolutionary approach to Cyber Security!

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Build vs. Buy? Field Insights on Speed, Deployment, Scalability, and Savings

In the case of storage deployments, options designed to simplify IT operations can still present underlying complexities that require careful planning. Effective storage planning benefits from external knowledge and expertise, especially in regards to estimating the proper sizing and prerequisites to ensure optimal outcomes in the shortest amount of time.

This white paper explores how IMPRES and Dell EMC use a series of storage and solution calculators for sizing and TCO in order for organizations to better determine whether or not to use Ready Nodes, Appliances, vRacks vs. build their own converged infrastructures.