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GuardStack LogoHow do you deploy a fully functioning voice/data network communication infrastructure in an operational terrain where access to internet, GPS, and Global clock is not guaranteed? Moreover, how do you make that field deployed IT network interoperable with legacy radio system and satellite communication? The answer is GuardStack which integrates field deployable cellular networks with full support for RF, VHF, UHF, Satcom, and Ethernet base infrastructure.

GuardStack software suite is an end-to-end encrypted mobile communication system and self-controlled digital service platform including all components, from Android applications to 4G and 5G ready mobile network communication infrastructure with legacy and tactical radio interworking. GuardStack MeshFlow provides seamless service mobility even during handover and backbone connection loss in MANET scenarios.

The GuardStack Platform integrates various transmission and radio access technologies while leveraging a vendor and technology agnostic secure middleware. In addition, the GuardStack Platform dynamically adapts the ever-changing network topology according to the mission situation—without requiring user intervention. Services are automatically calibrated according to availability and bandwidth capacity.

With an emphasis on interoperability, operation, and security, GuardStack has been engineered to fulfill the unique and stringent requirements of the First Responder, Homeland Security, Defense, Private 4G/5G and Intelligence Communities. Through IMPRES, GuardStack is now available to procure in the United States. As an extension of our corporate partnership, IMPRES offers post-sale support, warranty, and maintenance services for the entire GuardStack software suite.

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The result is a secure, portable, fully independent IT network and communication platform that combines cellular data network with legacy radio and satellite signals that delivers:

Mobile Broadband Device
  • Fully Secured 4G (LTE)/5G Ready Network
  • VoIP PBX TelephonyReal Time Common Operational Picture (COP)
  • Display and Tracking in own map view
  • Information Exchange via tactical radio or MCCPTT in narrow broad band
  • Deploy in minutes by forward operators
  • Secure MeshFlow/SDN for Self-forming, Mobile Ad- Hock Networks (MANET)
  • Fully Integrated Push to Talk (PTT) and Push to Video (PTV)
  • Secure platform, high bandwidth demands
  • (Bodycams, FMV, senor feeds, data bases)
  • Reduces size, weight, signature of operator by routing all radio traffic through EUD App

GuardStack Use Case Summary

GuardStack UseCase Military

GuardStack Use Case – Military

GuardStack UseCase Wildfire

GuardStack Use Case – Disaster Response

GuardStack UseCase Coast Guard

GuardStack Use Case – Maritime

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