What are some of the trends that you expect to have an impact in the Cloud Solution arena in 2019 and how is IMPRES Technology Solutions planning to leverage these trends and evolve?

We anticipate cloud adoption to continue its exponential pace, particularly within the Federal government. Cloud computing has become a valuable IT architecture for many federal agencies, and there are numerous success stories for public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments. The big news in federal cloud in 2018 was the release in September of the White House’s Cloud Smart strategy. The new policy is not a radical overhaul of the government’s approach to the cloud but does offer a recalibration that reflects how the technology has evolved since CloudFirst was formally introduced in 2011.

Importantly, the strategy emphasizes that agencies should take a tailored approach to cloud deployments and focus on cloud solutions that help fulfill their missions. We at IMPRES have noticed a significant push by Federal customers migrating to the Microsoft Azure cloud, even in cases where these agencies have data or applications residing in competing clouds. Hybrid clouds, we believe, will become the dominant business model for Federal agencies owing to the flexibility and strength they can offer. Typically, in a Hybrid Cloud, the applications and data can transfer back and forth between public and private Clouds, providing more flexibility, tools, and deployment options.

To date, we have yet to see any entity move entirely to the cloud as the security of specific sets of data are deemed too mission critical for them to all be moved to the cloud and risk losing control of their data and systems. We believe that 2019 will see a significant spike in Federal agencies adopting and implementing Hybrid clouds that are built to manage their unique mission requirements. With no two clouds being equal, Hybrid deployments can afford more complexity and sophistication, which would allow agencies of all sizes to adopt and implement a genuine cloud infrastructure.

Robert Osborne CTO IMPRES

Robert Osborne
Chief Technology Officer
IMPRES Technology Solutions

Key to setting IMPRES apart from its competitors is their employees, most of whom are former operators in IT for Federal agencies or commands, thus bring with them actual experience as to the needs of this sector. In my 30 years of experience in the IT landscape, I have notably served in the US Army and worked for organizations such as IBM, Microsoft and DELL in a variety of positions from Senior Architect to Director/Enterprise Technologist. I lead the IMPRES’ mission to deliver Cyber Security, Cloud, and other IT solutions to fit the best interest of the client.

I enjoy working with OEM’s as a liaison and architect in my current role. This allows me to design, and build solutions including updates to OEM hardware and software and to create holistic solutions that can integrate with existing environments that meet or exceed the current challenges of today’s landscape.

In addition to being a Chief Technology Officer, I am a dedicated BSA Scoutmaster. I work with Scouts to provide guidance and training with merit badge requirements and lead contingents to World Jamboree and each of the Boy Scouts of America’s National High Adventure programs. As with all facets of my job and life, it isn’t about what I want, it is about what those around me need and how can I help.

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