Contract Number: DOC50PAPT1500059

Awarding Agency: United States Patent and Trademark Office

Category: HUBZone; Small Business
Period of Performance: 08/19/2015 – 08/18/2022


Type of Work/Products/Services: The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded a Master IDIQ for a broad range of commercial information technology (IT) requirements. This program offers a broad range of computer hardware and software products to include computer hardware, software and licenses, hardware/software maintenance, and related services that are like those found under other government wide acquisition contracts. Examples of items that the USPTO may procure include but are not limited to: servers, server racks, color scanners, mass storage units, fiber channel ports and fabric management software for Cisco Systems, dual port fiber channel cards, routers, switches, security software, automated tape libraries, data tape cartridges, security software, software maintenance, virus control software, security software, installation of multi-vendor computer equipment, customization of hardware or software, training and product technical support. IMPRES provides the USPTO with general purpose Information Technology Equipment and Software support services and solutions.

Point of Contact: Ms. Elizabeth Rooney; E:; P: (562) 298-4030