guard stack

How do you deploy a fully functioning voice/data network communication infrastructure in an operational terrain where access to internet, GPS, and Global clock is not guaranteed? Moreover, how do you make that field deployed IT network interoperable with legacy radio system and satellite communication? The answer is GuardStack which integrates field deployable cellular networks with full support for RF, VHF, UHF, Satcom, and Ethernet base infrastructure.

GuardStack software suite is an end-to-end encrypted mobile communication system and self-controlled digital service platform including all components, from Android applications to 4G and 5G ready mobile network communication infrastructure with legacy and tactical radio interworking. GuardStack MeshFlow provides seamless service mobility even during handover and backbone connection loss in MANET scenarios.

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Lowest SWaP-C
Highest Interoperability


Security Domains




Network and
User Mobility

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