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Were you the victim of current massive software supply chain hack? Or maybe you are a municipality that resembles the Water Treatment Facility hack in Florida?  Are you tired of being a victim?  Do you want to take control of your infrastructure and sleep again at night?  Then stop being a victim and be a victor.  I know what I am about to share with you is going to make you say, “hmm” with a very skeptical look on your face, but it is true and works.

CSOI (Cyberspace Operations Infrastructure) was recently demonstrated on Shark Tank and won.

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IMPRES participated with CSOI at a government hack-a-thon and was the only undiscovered network in the event.  We were accused of being turned off by some, so with one click of the mouse we showed our network, they agreed they saw it and with a second click it was invisible again.  CSOI also prevented hackers from remotely adjusting cameras from their required view of remote runways, to name a couple of the many use cases.

Under the CSOI solution we will demonstrate a true zero trust architecture that places an overlay to any existing network, provides an encrypted micro, macro and cross-region segmentation without the limitations typically imposed on TCP/IP based networks.  In the case of SolarWinds situation, a CSOI deployment will allow the degraded network to function in an operational environment fully while remediation takes place to recover the networks operations.

Customers with interest or need in the following areas will benefit from the CSOI solution:

  • Digital cloak users or assets (SDP, Software Defined Perimeter).
  • Secure Global Access to operational sites.
  • Secure Critical Infrastructure Assets (Operational Technology/SCADA Systems), or other supervisory control and data acquisition systems.
  • Logically Air-Gap Perimeter Security Systems (No Jump Host).
  • Secure Access to data in GOVCLOUD.

What else can CSOI secure?  CSOI can be deployed to secure any device with an IP address, mac address or a serial port.  In the case of the serial port, many federal and civilian agencies still have legacy devices in operation today that perform a very specific task.  Who would have thought that IT modernization could help legacy equipment and serial ports?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that CSOI was protecting your most valued infrastructure with a digital cloak over it that made it invisible to threat actors?

But what about the dreaded disgruntled employee?  If the internal threat actor placed an attack via a USB device that tried to go to send data to a hostile nation, CSOI would stop that data and not allow it to be sent to a non-trusted device.

David Coleman

Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by our blog! I joined IMPRES Technology in May of 2018 as a Senior Systems Engineer. Prior to that I had spent over 20 years in the IT industry as a Systems Engineer specializing in enterprise level datacenter solutions for companies like IBM, Arrow and TechData.  I’ve embraced  the opportunity to work in the federal space supporting our DoD war fighters and civilian agencies.  When not busy assisting customers and partners, I enjoy spending time in the outdoors and with my family and friends or volunteering at Habitat for Humanity.

David Coleman