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IMPRES believes it is not a matter of if, but when a cyber threat will occur. Our solutions help clients anticipate and plan ahead, increasing recovery time and diminishing overall damages.

Our cybersecurity division provides mission-critical strategies and solutions to ensure the integrity and longevity of information technology infrastructures, by offering near real-time protection against cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, and cyber espionage. We assist Federal agencies with the alignment of cybersecurity planning decisions, ensuring core operations and mission objectives remain at the forefront.

Organizations face many challenges in our current “post perimeter” cyber world. Cyber adversaries and their capabilities are rapidly enhancing, while the cybersecurity market is saturated with highly-specialized vendors that fail to view the entire system when developing a protection plan.

IMPRES’ dedicated team of engineers collaborate with our clients to devise a comprehensive cyber strategy that analyzes the entire suite of system applications, offering both endpoint and enterprise security solutions to protect the complete infrastructure.

Cyber Solution Practice Areas

Our approach is tailored to meet the unique challenges our customers face. IMPRES engineers collaborate with customer leadership to define and implement a context-aware security framework that provides a comprehensive plan for addressing the entirety of an existing enterprise. For each customer, we assemble the industry’s leading innovators to develop hardware security appliances, cutting-edge security software, information assurance protocols, and enterprise governance policies to secure, prevent, detect, act, and retaliate against cyber threats.


We assist organizations with the definition, integration, and administration of cybersecurity governance activities. Strengthening a security posture requires the seamless connection of people, processes, and technologies. IMPRES engineers collaborate with our customers to establish a conceptual framework and derive a practical operational methodology to support the proactive addressing of adversarial threats. We deliver robust ‘single’ and ‘suite’ solutions that ensure comprehensive compliance with NIST guidelines.


As Federal agencies continue to migrate existing enterprise systems to the ‘cloud’, IMPRES stands at the forefront as an innovator and leading integrator in developing unique cyber solutions that address cloud-specific risks and fail points. Our engineers are fluent in the integration of Software Defined Networks with traditional network environments, offering increased security protection on-premises and within the cloud. We assist with the integration of access management tools, apply traffic and data analysis solutions, implement single sign-on control, and install disaster recovery technologies to improve the operational security and management of an organizations cloud.

Performance Analytics and Situation Mitigation

As active threats arise, agencies require the proactive management of threat intelligence and the automatic adjustment and provisioning of security postures – all while ensuring the seamless continuity of daily operations. Our cybersecurity solutions are uniquely developed and assembled to address these concerns, offering unparalleled scope and capability, including the capacity to analyze and evaluate internal user behavior and external threats to your technology ecosystem. We leverage pin-point threat vector analysis tools to identify outside risks, while applying industry-leading tools to synthesize and report behavioral trends from users, devices, and applications.


We understand the need to share sensitive, proprietary data in a fast, reliable, and secure manner. Our cybersecurity engineers work with your leadership from the on-set to understand your needs, developing a scaled solution that retains the capacity to deliver the level of security required for your existing user base, while offering the enhanced capability to evolve and defend your data against threats as your usage increased.

Endpoint Protection and Devices

With the increased use of mobile and tablet devices, it has never been easier to access your data on-the-go. However, it has also never been more crucial to establish a rigorous security approach that provides oversight, governance, and protection against vulnerabilities inherent in the use of these appliances. Simply relying on anti-virus software is not enough – organizations of all types require a more structured, disciplined, and proactive response to the over 200,000 new malware generated daily. IMPRES offers unique concepts, including the application of evolving software and security mechanisms that provide the level of endpoint protection your organization and data demands.

The Need for a New Approach

The cybersecurity space has never been more saturated with options, nor more complex to understand. As agencies and organizations worldwide invest resources toward protecting their enterprise, the threat of internal and external breaches is rising exponentially.

Today’s organizations require a disciplined, rigorous, and comprehensive methodology to not only combat existing threats, but to anticipate and predict the potential for future threats. This proactive approach is paramount to providing the level of protection required, ensuring your enterprise and its contents are sealed from disruption.

Simply applying an individual off-the-shelf solution or installing a hardware appliance is not enough. Concurrently, stacking solutions without a clear understanding of the interplay can increase your organizations exposure to cyber threats. Our cybersecurity engineers are leading experts with the knowledge, capabilities, and vision to design and implement the right solutions for your specific needs. As a leading provider in the cybersecurity space, we possess a deep understanding of the existing solutions available and the technical ability to blend and assemble the right solution for your enterprise.

The IMPRES Difference

Unlike traditional Value Added Resellers, IMPRES abides by vendor-neutral principles which strengthens our commitment to achieving maximized value and quality for your organization. To ensure your organization possesses the level of protection it requires, IMPRES engineers collaborate with your leadership to derive a clear understanding of your existing infrastructure. Once a baseline is established, we conduct a detailed review of your risk-points and offer recommendations for how to mitigate the occurrence of system threats.

IMPRES engineers possess the technical fluency to assemble products from multiple vendors, ensuring the seamless integration of various components that will blend into the background of your enterprise without disrupting daily activities. Owing to our vendor-neutral approach, IMPRES focus is always on ensuring your business objectives are met. With this in mind, we design solutions that will not only maximize your operational desires, but will provide the needed immunity to existing and anticipated cyber threats.

The IMPRES approach is fundamentally unique – rather than aim to ‘lock’ your system to avoid outside threats, we provide tools, technologies, and guidance that enables your organization to conduct business free from fear, while complying with the most stringent regulations. We offer a combination of consulting security services and a deep technology portfolio covering network, identity and access management, data encryption, endpoint security, and security managed services.

Our capabilities within these areas ensures organizations receive solutions that work across the vast expanse of their enterprise, enabling protection against internal and external threats, while eliminating blind-spots within your architecture. The result is a comprehensive, holistic, and robust response to the most pressing of cybersecurity needs.

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