IMPRES Solutions

The IMPRES goal is to implement best-of-breed, end-to-end turn-key solutions for cyberspace, predictive analytics, enterprise to the edge, and data fusion. Our aim is to ensure these strategies and technology solutions deliver the most optimal outcome required for our federal customers.

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IMPRES stack provides a holistic framework

Produced as a series of appliance-based solutions, the “IMPRES stack”, using best-in-class OEM provided holistic framework.

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Predictive Analytics

IMPRES solution is based on temporal analytics

Our engine provides correlation of any pertinent threats that might pertain to the customer’s environment.

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Enterprise to Edge

A solution for today's networks with SDN

What if you could provide traffic prioritization and automated rerouting of traffic on your network?

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Data Fusion

A proven, tenant-isolation implementation for data

IMPRES has a proven, tenant-isolation implementation that achieves isolation at a process, data and management level by assigning a unique identifier to each account and tagging all objects associated with the account with this ID.

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