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We provide solutions that protect our nationís and customerís most critical assets.

IMPRESí security offering spans both the Cyber Security, Information Assurance, and the Physical Security world. Our Professional Services Team, coupled with our deep ties to the industryís leading manufacturers, IMPRES can design, test, implement, and maintain a host of security protocols Ė whether it is guarding a Network Operations Center (NOC) or the data inside.

 Cyber Security
Cyber Security is without a doubt the new front line on the battlefield. Thousands of attacks commence against hundreds of agencies on a daily basis. The biggest threat to National Security is the stealing of classified data. In the cyber-battle, successful attacks are silent, tactical, and no trace is left behind. Even the data that was stolen is intact. The end result is devastating to our nationís security.

IMPRES has assembled the industryís leading innovators to develop hardware security appliances, cutting-edge security software, information assurance protocols, and enterprise governance policies to:


Cyber security has become far more advanced in recent years. Our multi-layered approach protects the enterprise from endpoint to core, with 100% fault-tolerance, not matter the size, scope, locations, or security classification.

Our comprehensive approach allows our customers to see the project evolve within the framework and organization Ė without handing them a generic, canned solution. IMPRES begins each project with a comprehensive security assessment to determine vulnerabilities and risks within the infrastructure. We then tailor a security solution to meet all of the parameters of the project.

Our cleared-team will also develop certified and accredited information assurance methodologies, and security governance policies to properly maintain the integrity of the enterprise. IMPRESí Information Assurance offering coordinates the every aspect of the network security program. They develop and monitor the computer security plan, conducts risk assessments and security tests & evaluations of systems, as part of the certification and accreditation process. In addition, IMPRESí solutions become the focal point for investigation and resolution of computer security violations and threat incidents.
 Information Assurance
The greatest source of power comes from information. Protecting that information is essential to maintaining global dominance and our national security. IMPRESí information assurance solutions protect critical information, ensure availability, authentication and confidentiality, and are platform neutral.

IMPRESí Professional Services staff, augmented by long-standing relationships with the industryís leading manufacturers, provides its customers with a host of information assurance initiatives including: corporate governance policies, regulatory compliance and risk management assessments, enterprise system auditing, and business continuity planning to encapsulate a cohesive security package. In a net-centric environment, information must be shared across all security enclaves, from unclassified to top secret. IMPRES has assembled a formidable offering of high-assurance, cross-domain solutions necessary to repel the global onslaught of threats encountered every day.

IMPRES provides accredited solutions that are tailored to end-user parameters while providing cost-effective options. In addition, IMPRES offers information assurance vulnerability management, testing, and an Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Program to maintain a customerís ability to defend their mission-critical information.
 Physical Security
IMPRES combines leading technology, innovative security specialists, and a wealth of past performance to encapsulate an efficient, responsive, and cost effective security solution. Our expertise comes with a complete solution of surveillance, perimeter security, sentry posts, detection sensors, and various other monitoring devices.
For more information on how you can take advantage of those benefits, please contact us at

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