Systems Integrators

IMPRES has become a premier supplier to the worlds largest Systems Integrators in the world through:

Excellence in supply management
Functional diversity
Situational awareness of the end-user, the project/program, and the SI’s role with all stakeholders
Geographical proximity to major commands and relevant office locations
Financial Strength
Quality Management System
Augmentation of SI’s core capabilities
Project/Program management, including product lifecycle management
Personnel experience, dependability, responsiveness, and teamwork

IMPRES has all of the resources needed to bolster the performance, profitability, and metrics of a Si’s project or program.

Our relative small footprint allows our processes and procedures to be streamlined – easing pressure with tight project schedules.

With IMPRES hardware/software/service cost modeling procedures providing the lowest pricing – adding to overall project margins.

IMPRES’ processes and procedures are governed by an ISO 9001:2008 Quality management System – ensuring accurate and on-time deliveries.

IMPRES’ product offering envelopes every facet of the Information Technology market-space – creating alternative solutions with innovative ideas and emerging technologies. IMPRES’ HUBZone and SDB status provides alternative contracting options – ensuring small business goals are met while preserving optimal quality with a key supplier.