Since 2001, IMPRES has dedicated its efforts to supporting the ever-changing IT demands of the Federal Government.

With each new contract, the technology, agency’s budgets, timeline, and priorities change. To remain vigilant, IMPRES regularly attends agency briefings, seminars, and trade and industry shows for one reason – to fully understand the IT needs of the federal government.

Federal Government’s IT Mission

IMPRES has documented past performance, with exceptional CPARS ratings orchestrating all areas of the Federal government’s IT mission.

With the Federal Government being so vast, there are common similarities in the challenges they face concerning IT.

Addressing the IT Challenges of the Federal Government:


The IMPRES Solution

1. Lack of in-house expertise for cloud projects
The IMPRES Solution:

Offers Off-premises Public Cloud offering on GWAC contracts.

  • Architectural services
  • Migration services
  • Training
  • Optimization Middleware
  • Service provisioning and master account billing services
2. Reduction in IT staff due to retirements and hiring issues. Lack of resources to implement projects
The IMPRES Solution:
  • Advisory services on Security, Cloud, Infrastructure, and Mobility
  • Expertise on system architecture, management, migration and consolidation automation
  • Full Implementation services
  • Post deployment support
  • Supplemental staffing on long and short term engagements
3. Lack of effective management of Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD) on the network
The IMPRES Solution:
  • Expertise in enterprise management solutions that incorporates monitoring, provisioning, security of mobile and remote workstations.
  • Ability to navigate complex network environments and bring effective identity/access, antivirus/malware, encryption, and patch management solutions for our customers.