Data Fusion

Data Fusion

  • Correlate, integrate, and fuse disparate data sources
  • Federated data sources/analytic environments
  • Digitalize legacy archives
  • Make segmented digital files discoverable

The integration platform as a service (iPaaS) platform was designed and implemented from the ground up to be an elastic, multi-tenant, hosted platform. It is not a retro-fit of a traditional software solution where multi-tenancy is achieved via multiple installation instances.

IMPRES has a proven, tenant-isolation implementation that achieves isolation at a process, data and management level by assigning a unique identifier to each account and tagging all objects associated with the account with this ID.

Encapsulating all integration workflow, transformation rules, business logic validations and connector operations as metadata bound to a specific customer account. Using roles and permissions to control access to account objects and management functions. Deploying workflow configuration metadata to an Atom, which acts on it to perform the execution of an integration process Proven Scale.

Using an iPaaS supports all your application integration processes – between Cloud platforms, software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, and on-premises systems. Your entire team has online access to a powerful range of integration and data management capabilities, that can be realized in a fraction of the time of legacy middleware technologies.

Uses a visual interface to configure application integrations. Using drag-and-drop integration process and data mapping tools, along with a library of application and technology connectors, you can build simple to sophisticated integrations with exceptional speed.

Define | Deploy | Synchronize | Steward

Once built, integration processes are deployed to the lightweight runtime engine. The engine allows your integrations to be deployed wherever needed: in iPaaS; in a public or private Cloud; or on-premises. If needed, multiple engines can be clustered as an engine to provide a high-scale, fault-tolerant integration run-time.

Regardless of the engine deployment option, your integration processes are all centrally managed through the engine platform. The Manage functionality in the engine enables users to monitor the health and activity of all core engines, and to access detailed process logs. You can also set up proactive notifications for any issues related to your integration processes.

Data is at the core of every application and business system in your organization, from customer account management to marketing, finance, supply chain operations and more.

IMPRES’ world class Master Data Management (MDM) provides the solution to represent data consistently across your organization, enabling your data stewards to model, match, synchronize, cleanse and enrich data across domains. And it scales to accommodate growth as your data volume, applications and business user demands continue to increase.

  • DEFINE – Rapidly model master data entities through a visual experience with no coding necessary.
  • DEPLOY – Add your models into the MDM repository then identify which source systems will interact with them.
  • SYNCHRONIZE – Configure process flows that enable data to move between MDM and the integrated source systems.
  • STEWARD – Create business rules to alert your team and assist with resolving duplicates, fixing data entry issues, and correcting erroneous data.