Cyberspace Operations Infrastructure

Attributes include providing ‘stacked’ and fully-integrated appliances to thwart cyber threats. Provides essential protection against, search and discover, mitigate and engage, and reconstitute after advanced cyberspace vulnerability. Leveraging Software-Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities, coupled with robust identification, protection, and defense technologies to react, adapt, and attack threats in real-time, while ensuring network integrity.

Cyber Space

Built as a spiral of architecture enhancements anchored by solid and stable IDN/SDN Cyberspace Operations Infrastructure (CSOI) to provide necessary support to overcome limitations and improve Defensive Cyberspace Operations to insure network integrity. Proposed solution(s) offers applications to analyze, evaluate, auto reconfigure, re-deploy networks using APIs and calibrated configurations.

Finally, the spiral approach will avail enhancements in network performance by increasing throughput in orders of magnitude. Regardless of connectivity the architected solution will enhance all EOIP on all network paths including satellite communications.

IMPRES stack provides a holistic framework

Produced as a series of appliance-based solutions, the “IMPRES Stack”, using best-in-class OEM provided holistic framework. Adding solutions to dynamically move a network when a threat is recognized while obfuscating the IP and MAC addresses so they are no longer accessible. The CSOI continually analyze and make modifications “before” an attack.

The delivered platform is designed to integrate products with existing equipment in the DoD infrastructure to allow predictive analysis preemptively react to a threat before or as they occur. Unlike using a firewall and NATing, which use IP Addressing, for multiple integrations and cloaking for devices, the CSOI employs an Identity Defined Network (IDN), to allow for connect, disconnect, cloak, move and revoke in a matter of clicks, all without use of exposed IP, MAC, DNS.