Since 2001, IMPRES Technology Solutions, Inc. (IMPRES) has been a premier information technology solutions provider to local, state, and federal governments.
Our team combines unique expertise on applying leading edge technology solutions, understanding of government acquisition processes, and the ability to simplify the complex IT supply chain to guarantee our customers’ mission success.

3 Pillars Of Strength

1Technology - Solution Expertise
IMPRES is comprised of driven and innovative IT architects/engineers who leverage their special expertise in emerging technologies and legacy systems to create unique solutions in support of our customers’ mission requirements.
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2Government Acquisition Vehicles
Today’s challenges of constant changing threat vectors, demand to increase operations efficiency and effectiveness, continuing budget constraints, and the rapid rate of technology refresh/obsolescence, mean our customers need to have fast, comprehensive, and cost-effective acquisition solutions.
IMPRES has many federal contracting options that make technology/services acquisition easy. IMPRES holds, or has access to, all major GWACs, IDIQs and many BPAs. Our HUBZone and SDB certifications also simplifies set-aside procurements and allow our customers to meet small business contracting goals.
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3Procurement & Logistics Under One Roof
Logistical operations is the cornerstone to maintaining mission objectives. Often, requirements call for more than just shipping IT hardware to a customer’s location. IMPRES has not only nurtured an ecosystem of industry-leading IT innovators and worldwide distribution partners for easy access to IT products, but we have also built a logistics network to facilitate the most rigorous demands.
IMPRES provides both tactical and strategic plans to support deployed solutions, as well as product lifecycle support, supply chain management, and supporting maintenance. IMPRES’ Program Management Office (PMO) provides logistics personnel with the experience to develop, orchestrate, and assess pre-deployment and operational actions throughout a contract’s duration. In addition, IMPRES can also manage ancillary operations, including warehousing of split shipments, asset/RFID tagging, lifecycle purchases, in-theatre warranty support, and a host of other post-sale services.